Olympic Weightlifting, Sunderland

Olympic Weightlifting club

We are currently Sunderlands only affliated Olympic weightlifting club as of February 2022.
What even is Olympic weightlifting?  Can anyone do it?  Is it safe for children?

Olympic Weightlifting consists of 2 main lifts, The Snatch and The Clean & Jerk, although there are lots of accessory lifts we learn and practise which helps to develop technique and form.

Olympic weightlifting (OLY for short) is accessible to most of the community regardless of age or gender. We have lifters from 8 years old right u to 80, all competing in local, national and international competitions.

Our fully qualified, licensed coaches ensure that OLY lifting is a completely inclusive sport to learn and participate in. Once the technique is mastered there are opportunities for children to compete.

Our OLY community is very supportive and welcoming regardless of age.

Club Sessions

Junior club (8-12yr old) - £40 per month

Tuesday & Thursday 4:30pm

Teen Club (13-17) - £40 per month.

Tuesday & Thursday 5:30pm

All - Friday 4:30pm and Saturday 10:30am

Junior Barbell Club - June


4:30pm - Juniors

5:30pm  - Youth


4:30pm - Juniors

5:30pm  - Youth


4:30pm - Everyone


10:30 - Everyone