Personal Training Services

Qualified, experienced and relatable coaches at Weights and Cakes, offering personal training services to those who are looking to learn how to use weights in a safe way.

We also coach experienced lifters, assisting them in meeting their goals.

We do not offer any *bikini body/skinny/fatloss quick plans. We are focussed on getting people fitter, stronger and maintaining a fitness/nutrition plan that is able to be followed long term.

In the gym we have mainly a range of free weights, we don't do endless walks on a treadmill, we live by the beach, go walk on there!

We focus on building muscle, improving mobility and fitness and maintaining a healthier longterm lifestyle.

There is a range of strongman inspired kit in our studio and we do encourage everyone to have a go. There's nothing more exciting than flipping a tyre or mastering the log press!!