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Weights & Cakes Sunderland... On a journey to make training, exercising and sport more accessible to everyone regardless of race, gender, ability or experience. 


We are a community interest company (CIC) who's objective is to offer a different way of training to those in the community who may not feel comfortable training in a mainstream gym environment.

Our core mission is to increase social inclusion, improve fitness and general well-being as well as improving self confidence amongst those we engage with. We aim to inspire individuals to achieve their full potential to enable them to live a more connected and healthier lifestyle in our safe and inclusive space based in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear.

SASS Sunderland


SASS stands for Strong Ass Strength Squad and is a successful strongman inspired training session aimed at all levels of fitness. It's fully inclusive, it doesn't matter whether you've never picked up a weight before. There is something for everyone.

We are currently Sunderland's only affiliated Olympic Weightlifting club.
What even is Olympic weightlifting?
Can anyone do it?
Is it safe for children?

Qualified, experienced and relatable personal training coaches

We offer personal training services to those who are looking to learn how to use weights in a safe way. We also coach experienced lifters, assisting them in meeting their goals.

Lift stuff... And Eat Stuff

Weight lifting in Sunderland

Easter & Summer Holiday Weightlifting Workshops for Teenagers

Learn How to lift

Learn Snatch & Clean and Jerk from qualified athletes and coaches

Nutritional Information

Yoga & Relaxation

Hot Meals & Snacks

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