Zoe Chandler, Weights and Cakes

Zoe Chandler

Director, Head Coach and Masters Athlete

Zoe is a parent to 2 lovely teenage humans with autism and neurofibromatosis. I am also Grandma to a lovely lad with Nonverbal ASD too and Libby & George as well.

As a parent, she has gained a wealth of experience in understanding mental health issues, emotional needs, sensory difficulties and communication differences.

She is able to apply this experience to my business ensuring she is able to keep an open mind to any adaptations that may be required in order for a client to reach their full potential.

Adjustments can be made to meet each individual clients needs, after all, no two people are the same. This includes, but is not limited to; adjustments to lighting and music, visual programming and use of language and working at a suitable pace.

Zoe understands that on occasion last minute cancellations may occur due to anxiety or sensory meltdown, or perhaps a person may feel they need to leave a session halfway through due to overload. Should either of these occur then we can discuss changes we can make that could help a person feel more comfortable and at ease.

Zoe creates a fun, friendly and inclusive environment in both her personal training spaces and her group classes, tailoring to individual needs and requirements to make training enjoyable and accessible to everybody.

Her sessions are free from judgement, a safe space and open to everyone, including clients who are on the spectrum, with additional needs and those with mental health issues.